Bolling: The View Can’t Hold Biden’s ‘Feet to the Fire’ Without Elisabeth Hasselbeck


On Wednesday, the hosts of Fox & Friends recapped Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance on ABC’s The View this week, in which he touted the Affordable Care Act’s benefits for women who want to take time away from work. Guest host Eric Bolling observed that Biden’s command of the facts was not challenged by The View’s hosts and that the program is worse off without their former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

“Joe Biden, he was on The View,” Hasselbeck began, “To tell American women, Look, this is a new woman’s movement: no working.’”

Biden told the hosts of the ABC talk program that providing women with options for health coverage outside of their “dead-end jobs” “gives women a great deal more freedom.”

“You know what they miss? They miss you holding his feet to the fire,” Bolling said. “This is how you’re going to help women in America? By giving them free health care — or by allowing them free health care? This is outrageous.”

Bolling added that Biden misrepresented the Congressional Budget Office’s estimation of how many jobs would be “lost” as a result of the ACA.

“How is that acceptable,” host Brian Kilmeade said of Biden’s misrepresentation. “How does he not understand nothing is free?”

“How do they still miss the mark on women?” Hasselbeck asked. “How do you miss the mark on opportunity that working gives women?”

Watch the clip below via Fox News Channel:

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