BOO HOO! Wasserman Schultz Says Donald Needs a Pacifier For All His Whining


Thursday is a big day for the Democrats and party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz; tonight the remaining two candidates vying for the party nomination square off in a Brooklyn debate just days ahead of the state-wide primary in New York, and Wasserman Schultz was on hand with CNN’s Chris Cuomo this morning to promote the event.

But as is procedure for anyone aligned with one party or the other in an election season, no TV hit is complete without a fair amount of swipes, jabs, and barbs tossed at the other side of the aisle. And so Wasserman Schultz did the expected by laying in at the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump a bit Thursday morning, taking aim at the real estate mogul’s complaining as of late over the Colorado convention.

After expressing her level of support for how Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have run their campaigns, DWS took the Republicans, and namely their frontrunner, to task. She told Cuomo:

On the other side, I really want to run down to the drugstore and get Donald Trump a pacifier, because all we hear on the other side is whining about the rules and process and they are going to take something away from me. I mean really, the American people, the people casting their vote for president — they want to hear about the ideas each candidate has to make sure we can help them succeed, and that’s what I am confident we will hear from our candidates tonight.

The Trump campaign has been crying foul over Colorado results ever since Trump took home zero delegates compared to Ted Cruz‘s 34. In this remote issue, it seems as if the party chairs happen to align; Wasserman Schultz and RNC Chair Reince Priebus have now both gone after Trump for his moaning, with Piebus recently Tweeting:

Check out the above video from CNN’s New Day.

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