Book Excerpt Quotes Obama: I’ve Gotten ‘Really Good at Killing People’

According a review of Double Down in the Washington Post, President Barack Obama once told aides that he’d gotten “really good at killing people.”

The review, by CNN’s Peter Hambry, doesn’t make the phrase sound like a boast, noting that Obama was “meditating on drone strikes” when he said it, perhaps suggesting the president was regretful of how skilled he’d become at wielding drone technology to take out America’s geopolitical foes. The review did not indicate when the comment was made.

The revelation is one of several that have emerged in recent days as excerpts of the book by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann have been printed by various media outlets. Others include everything from Bill Clinton’s colorful description of Obama’s luck to the fact that Obama’s 2012 campaign team researched replacements for Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Hambry, there’s plenty of non-Obama dirt in the back-room tell-all, particularly from an angry Romney campaign that leaked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s research file, which Hambry characterized as “a stunning breach of political decorum that can only be read as a giant middle finger at Christie and his aides.”

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