Boris Epshteyn Plays Dumb on Russia Meddling: ‘You’d Have to Ask Russia!’


On Friday night, Bill Maher sat down with Boris Epshteyn, one of President Trump’s senior advisors during the election. The host started off by thanking Epshteyn for having “the balls” to come on his show despite the hostile audience and disastrous week Trump had.

After they agreed to disagree on the numerous controversies that erupted this week, Maher was hoping to find common ground with Epshteyn on the subject of Russia’s meddling with the election, or has he called it “settled science.”

It was a potentially fascinating turn for the conversation, as Epshteyn, who is of Russian heritage, often defended Putin and Russia during the campaign. Some conspiracy theorists have suggested his sudden Spring departure from the White House staff suggested something nefarious, though no evidence has supported that claim.

Maher focused on the 17 US intelligence agencies who have asserted that there is enough evidence to assert that Russia meddled. Epshteyn tried to pivot to the unproven assertion of collusion, but Maher stayed on topic, insisting that he answer whether he believed US intelligence on Russian interference.

Epsheyn played dumb, retorting “you’d have to ask Russia,” to which a vexed Maher retorted, “Whose side are you on?!”

Before wrapping up the interview, Maher had to know why someone as decent as Boris Epshteyn could like someone like Donald Trump. Epshteyn responded by calling Trump “smart,” “kind,” and the “best politician” he had ever worked with. Let’s just say the audience did not agree.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of HBO.

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