BP Announces Failure Of ‘Top Kill,’ New Plan To Plug Well: ‘This Scares Everyone’

After rumors circulated earlier today that BP’s “Top Kill” method of plugging the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico failed, BP COO Doug Suttles hosted a press conference today to make it official that Top Kill did not succeed and that they were moving on to “the next option”: the “lower marine riser package,” which they had been planning “all along.”

Suttles explained the plan post-Top Kill in detail:

“The first job will be to cut and remove the existing riser from the top of the LMRP. At that point, once we’ve made a clean cut, we will be installing the cap… that cap will then be connected via a riser and drill pipe, to the drill ship enterprise, the same rig we used for the riser insertion tool, and this operation should be able to capture most of the oil.”

The only bit of good news they could provide is that the oil relief wells are being drilled ahead of schedule, and that, after flying over the Gulf, Suttles could report that the amount of oil on the surface of the water is diminishing, and the dispersants are working to break down the oil.

Video of the press conference below and (UPDATE) President Obama’s Statement On Failure:

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