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Defense Dept. Flags Two Packages Delivered to Pentagon Which Tested Positive for Ricin

Officials at the Defense Department’s mail processing center have put a hold on a number of packages after they reportedly tested positive for poisonous substances.

Multiple reports indicate that two pieces of mail addressed to the Pentagon are suspected of containing ricin — a highly toxic agent which has been used in the past for terror plots. CNN reports that the packages tested positive for the substance. The packages never made it inside the Pentagon’s main building since they were put into quarantine after being screened at the mail facility next door.

Defense officials have told several outlets that the FBI is investigating the matter and will conduct further tests with the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. No one has been evacuated or been reported injured yet in connection with this incident.

UPDATE: In a separate but related development, two people have reportedly been hospitalized after being exposed to a suspicious substance that arrived in the mail at Senator Ted Cruz‘s (R-TX) office in Houston. A hazmat team is addressing the matter.

Watch above, via CNN.

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