BREAKING: Federal Authorities Arrest Man in Connection With Bomb Threat


CNN’s Evan Perez is reporting that federal authorities have arrested a man in connection with the recent spate of packages with suspected explosive devices sent to various Democratic officials and critics of the Trump administration

It is not yet clear if its an investigative detention or probable cause that this person in custody. Perez reports that authorities appear to have probable cause and the individual under arrest is a suspect for being somehow involved in the domestic terrorist conspiracy.

President Trump tweeted about the recent bomb scare with apparent skepticism early this morning, writing:

Trump’s received online criticism for what appeared by some to be the suggestion that the bomb scare was a political hoax designed to kill Republican momentum.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice has confirmed CNN’s report and announced a press conference planned for later this afternoon:

Early reports say that the suspect is a Florida man in his 50s. The man is believed to have a history of arrests for terroristic threats, and authorities are currently working to move the suspect’s van for analysis.

The van has been covered by a tarp as it’s being loaded onto a tow truck, but distant pictures from the scene show that the van’s windows are covered with pro-Republican images and a picture of President Trump‘s face.

Multiple news outlets have reported that the suspect’s name is Cesar Sayoc Jr.

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