Breaking: Fox News Now Dick-Less (Morris, That Is)

Former Clinton aide and longtime Fox News contributor Dick Morris is no longer at the network. Fox News confirmed to The Wrap, Tuesday evening, that Morris’ contract expired recently, and they will not be renewing it. Although Morris’ flawed analysis landed him in a post-election doghouse with fellow contributor Karl Rove, unlike Morris, the network recently renewed Rove’s contract.

From The Wrap:

Dick Morris will no longer be serving as a contributor at Fox News, a spokesperson for the network told TheWrap.

Morris’ contract had recently expired, and Fox will not be renewing it, the spokesperson said.

Politico’s Mike Allen also reported the news, citing an “industry official,” possibly an assembly-line foreman of some sort.

While confirming the move, Fox did not put out a statement, but Morris has been under scrutiny recently for his involvement with a SuperPAC that appears to have spent a “significant” amount of money renting Dick Morris’ email list.

The Huffington Post reports that Morris is scheduled to appear on CNN Wednesday night, which could mean that Fox and CNN are swapping conservative pundits like restless spouses at a key party. Here’s hoping they change the sheets. Of ratings.

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