‘Breaking News, For Real’: CNN Reports April Jobs Numbers

What exactly was CNN’s Chris Cuomo trying to say when he started his report on the April jobs numbers by telling viewers, “Breaking news, for real?” It’s possible that he was attempting the differentiate this genuinely new information from some of the other “breaking news” CNN has revealed over the last few months, particularly when it concerned the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 plane.

For instance, in March, CNN used its “Breaking News” banner to tell us that the search for missing plane “could take years”:

A couple of weeks later, it was “Breaking News” that families of the missing passengers are “frustrated” by the media coverage of the story:

Shortly after that, CNN dropped the biggest bombshell of the missing plane story:

With so much “Breaking News” happening every day on CNN, Cuomo evidently felt he needed to do something to set this new information apart.

Watch video below, via CNN:

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