BREAKING: Obama Delivers Speech Pretty Much On-Time

President Barack Obama has been late to his own speeches* by an average of eleven minutes in 2014, according to this handy breakdown by Washington Post’s Philip Bump, totaling over thirty-five hours of lateness so far this year. #whyobamaislate is a constant source of umbrage amongst the reporters and web writers who await the president and his office’s eternal newsmaking potential.

So let it be known that on Wednesday, September 17, Obama was pretty much on time to his remarks at CENTCOM in Tampa, Florida.

As Bump pointed out Obama tends to be latest on Wednesdays and Thursdays, probably due to the higher number of events, so this is truly notable. Perhaps he benefited from the strict military discipline?

(charty-thing via WaPo)

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming of interpreting Obama’s remarks to fit your ideological preconceptions.

*If your response is “Guy’s president, of course he’s late, he’s handling an impossible amount of important things at once,” this game ain’t for you.

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