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BREAKING: President Obama Said Something That Sounded Kind Of Like A Dirty Word!!

Today during his press conference, President Obamaa had a number of incredibly important topics to cover. He had to discuss the new budget, the escalating protests throughout the Arab world, and the- whoa! Hold the phone! Did he just stutter his words and say something that sounded kind of like the S-word? Stop the presses, boys! We’ve got ourselves a headline!

Yes, Obama stumbled over the word “share” and it kind of, sort of sounded like the word “shit.” The video was quickly popped up on Real Clear Politics and then garnered a Drudge link that has (as of this moment) been retweeted 25 times. Look, I know it’s been a kind of a slow day (check that, make it a really slow news day), but wasn’t there anything else of interest in that conference?

No? Nothing? Ok, fine. Here is the video where he clearly is just misspeaking. Really, if any morning news shows play this tomorrow and bleep it out, we’re going to curl up in a corner and cry. Of course, we might do that anyway. We’ve still got Valentines Day depression.

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