Brennan Calls For Resisting Russian Meddling ‘With Every Last Ounce Of Devotion To This Country’


Former CIA director John Brennan issued a powerful call to resist Russian interference in American democracy in testimony before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday.

The widely-respected career intelligence officer, who served under President George W. Bush and led the CIA under President Barack Obama, was invited to testify before Congress regarding the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Brennan was asked why people outside of Washington D.C. should care about Russian meddling, and first noted that many Americans “have lost their lives to be able to protect” the “freedom and liberty that this country is founded on.”

“Our ability to choose our elected leaders as we see fit is, I believe, an inalienable right that we must protect with all of our resources and all of our authority and power,” Brennan continued.

“The fact that the Russians tried to influence that election so that the will of the American people was not going to be realized by that election, I find outrageous,” he said. “And something that we need to with every last ounce of devotion to this country resist.”

Brennan also called to resist further acts of interference from Russia, restating that the issue is “something that is critically important to every American.”

“Never again will a foreign country try to influence and interfere in the foundation-stone of this country, which is electing our democratic leaders,” a defiant Brennan concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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