Bret Baier Panel Questions How Romney Let Obama’s Attacks Put Him On The Defense


Amid ongoing negative campaigning, Bret Baier asked his panel on Monday to weigh in on how effective some specific attacks are. While the panel didn’t necessarily agree on everything, they each shared bleak outlooks about how President Barack Obama‘s offensive campaigning has backed Mitt Romney into a defensive corner.

The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg argued that the attacks exchanged over the Bain Capital issue aren’t ones that resonate with voters — but noted the case is different when it comes to insiders who, he said, are wondering how Romney let the situation get so out of hand. How he got to a place where he has to repeatedly defend his Bain record.

Citing another of Obama’s repeated points of attack, The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard said the outsourcing issue “doesn’t really matter.” More effective, she said, is Team Obama staying offensive on the tax return issue (and Romney refusing to release more returns) because it’s an opportunity for them to cast doubt on Romney’s trustworthiness. If they continue to do, she said, it’ll be “successful” for Obama and “damaging” for Romney. Every day we spend talking about Romney we spend talking about an election of choice (which Obama wants), she said. And every day we spend talking about Obama, it’s a referendum on his first term (which Romney wants).

“Truth doesn’t have a place in this election,” Charles Krauthammer chimed in, citing “falsehoods” spread by the Obama campaign. That being said, he conceded that Obama’s outsourcing attack is effective because it “plays to the fear of the other.” Obama blames it on the other, Krauthammer said, “and he’s succeeding.”

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