Bret Baier: This Was ‘Clearly the Worst Week’ of Donald Trump’s Presidency

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Fox News’ Bret Baier made an appearance on Happening Now, where he told Jon Scott that all things considered, the presidency of Donald Trump has reached a new low point.

Baier said the firing of Steve Bannon was a monumental development for the White House since Bannon was among those who tried the hardest to keep President Trump on track with his 2016 campaign promises. Baier acknowledged the reports suggesting Bannon’s departure was in the works for some time, but he also noted that the now-former strategic adviser is just the latest major figure to be pushed out of the administration.

Baier went on to note that Bannon became a “distraction” for the White House while it was still fending off criticism for Trump’s controversial remarks about Charlottesville. Baier also felt that Bannon’s ouster probably had more to do with Trump’s decisions rather than any housecleaning from chief of staff John Kelly.

“This is a tough environment after this week…clearly the worst week of the president’s time in office just by series of events that happened,” said Baier. “You have some big things that are going to happen in the next two weeks – the raising of the debt ceiling, the budget. These things deal with the shutting down of government potentially, and he’ll need Capitol Hill to get on its horse.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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