Bret Baier to Kimmel: Trump Likes Fox News’ Opinion Shows More Than Its News Shows


Fox News’s Bret Baier said what we’ve all been thinking: President Donald Trump probably prefers Fox News’s opinion shows to its news shows.

Baier told Jimmy Kimmel Thursday that the reason he knows the president watches his show is “because we’ll have a panel discussion and it’ll be on a topic and suddenly a tweet will come out about that topic.”

“And during the panel I’ll say, ‘Just in, the president says X, Y, and Z,'” he added with a smile.

“Obviously I think he likes the opinion shows a little bit better than the news shows at Fox, but he definitely watches,” he added.

Kimmel asked if Baier would like to split Fox News into a news division and an opinion division so that they’re not “lumped together,” to which Baier said: “We’re one team, we’re one company, we’re two different businesses entirely.”

“The biggest problem is that the people who are most critical of Fox are usually people who have not watched Fox News,” he continued. “So I say, watch my show three times, drop me an email, let me know what you think, and tell me if it’s fair.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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