Bret Stephens: If Any Dem Made Comments Like Trump’s on North Korea, ‘Crowd at Fox’ Would Demand Impeachment

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens said there’s no question tonight Republicans would be up in arms if Barack Obama had said anything close to what Donald Trump said about Joe Biden and Kim Jong Un.

Chris Matthews remarked upon how “strange” he finds it for Trump to “run on relative IQ.”

“I think the psychological term of art, Chris, is projection,” Stephens said.

He went on to remark upon how stunning it is that the U.S. preident would “openly side with a… psychotic or murderous dictator against an honorable opponent, whatever else you say of Joe Biden.”

He brought up the tragic case of Otto Warmbier and what a “betrayal” this whole episode is:

“It is a stunning repudiation of two centuries of American foreign policy tradition. I cannot believe it is amazing that someone who identifies as a conservative that so many of my fellow conservatives are just mum on the subject. Can you imagine for one second where Sean Hannity, where the crowd at Fox News would be, if any Democratic predecessor, President Obama or President Clinton, had uttered anything like this. They would be demanding impeachment on the spot. Here they are as silent and compliant as any group of ideologues and partisans have ever been.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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