Bret Stephens: President Trump’s Lies Leading Us to a ‘World of Anthony Weiners’

New York Times’ columnist Bret Stephens joined Morning Joe on Friday, where he said President Trump‘s “shamelessness” was creating an environment that cultivates the kind of behavior seen from disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner.

The panel was holding a discussion about the Trump Administration’s tendency to lie, and whether these falsehoods could permanently damage the credibility and standards of American politics. Donny Deutsch was optimistic Trump wouldn’t ruin the integrity of the presidency, but Stephens said he was concerned because Trump rode to the White House by acting braggadocios and refusing to acknowledge he was ever wrong about anything.

“The tragedy of Trump’s victory and everything he’s done as president is he demonstrates that shamelessness works. He sold his shamelessness to the american people as fearlessness, and they believed it. if you don’t say ‘I made a mistake,’ if you don’t acknowledge error, if you kind of move forward, you’re going to get away with it. That’s what the presidency is showing us with Trump. We’re on our way to the world of Anthony Weiners.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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