Bret Stephens to Maher: Liberals Have a ‘Cultural Condescension’ Problem… Like on Your Show


Bill Maher tonight spoke with New York Timescolumnist Bret Stephens about something they have in common: “pissing off liberals.”

But then Maher asked Stephens for what he thinks the biggest problem liberals have is, and Stephens cited Maher’s own show.

He explained that the last time he was on Real Time, Maher was making fun of Senator Joni Ernst over an anecdote about how she wore bread bags on her feet when she was young. And while it might play well for a laugh with liberals, Stephens continued, it comes across differently to people in Iowa or in Wisconsin.

Maher told Stephens this is the same kind of over-sensitive “snowflake-ism” he doesn’t like on the left, asking if people really can’t take a joke.

Stephens insisted that “cultural condescension” is something that a lot of people don’t like about the left.

Watch above, via HBO.

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