Brian Kilmeade and Dem Rep. Jim Himes Battle Over Protecting Whistleblower’s Anonymity


Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade had a respectfully contentious interview with Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT) as they talked about the House impeachment inquiry’s efforts to protect the identity of the Donald Trump-Ukraine whistleblower.

Himes, who works with Adam Schiff (D-CA) as a member of the House Intelligence Committee, was on to respond to Lee Zeldin’s (R-NY) prediction that the upcoming impeachment resolution vote won’t have any substance to it. Himes responded that Republicans are “talking exclusively about the process…because they really don’t want to defend the substance of the President of the United States squeezing a foreign ruler to investigate his political opponent.”

“That’s what you think,” Kilmeade responded, to which, Himes said “That’s not what I think, that’s what’s happening.”

After Himes continued to dismiss GOP complaints about the process formulation, the conversation moved toward Schiff telling witnesses they don’t have to answer questions that could possibly undermine the Ukraine whistleblower’s anonymity. Himes noted that the whistleblower is legally entitled to their anonymity, but he also argued that “the whistleblower doesn’t really matter anymore” since their revelations have been affirmed as the Ukraine scandal unfolded.

“I think it does, Congressman,” Kilmeade said. “I think if someone launches an investigation into a president we should at least have that person, if we keep their identity secret, we should at least have that person involved in this conversation.”

“Well, that may be your opinion,” Himes said, “but, of course, everything that the whistleblower and the complaint laid out has subsequently been proved to be true by people who were actually in the room. So we can disagree about that.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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