Brian Kilmeade Battles Rand Paul: You Know What Trump Wants ‘Better Than He Does?’


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) got a bit of a talking-to from Fox & FriendsBrian Kilmeade for presuming to know what President Donald Trump‘s foreign policy agenda is. (And really, who does?)

“It disappoints me that some of the people he’s appointed around him are unapologetic enthusiasts still for the Iraq War,” Paul said. “Between [incoming National Security Adviser John] Bolton, [incoming Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo, all of the others, it seems like they aren’t people who share the president’s vision that the Iraq War was a mistake.”

“I want to support the President Trump I supported during the campaign,” Paul continued. “So I think someone needs to speak out against having too many of these neoconservatives in the administration.”

“So you know President Trump’s vision better than he does?” Brian Kilmeade shot back. “You know what he wants better than he does?”

“Touché, touché,” Paul conceded with a giggle. “This happens in every administration…. Even in the Reagan administration, so much of us loved Reagan coming in, he was a great conservative but sometimes he appointed people who conservatives really wish were more from the conservative school.”

Watch the back-and-forth above, via Fox News.

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