Brian Kilmeade Bemoans ‘Devastating Timing’ for John Bolton’s Book Manuscript to Come Out Before Witness Vote


Fox News host Brian Kilmeade shared his concern that John Bolton’s upcoming book claims could cause an extension for President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

On Monday, Kilmeade and his Fox & Friends colleagues acknowledged The New York Times’ report on Bolton’s manuscript. The claims in Bolton’s book pose a complication for Trump’s Ukraine scandal defense since the former White House national security adviser is saying the president wanted military aid withheld from Ukraine until their government confirmed they would investigate Joe Biden and his family.

As Kilmeade noted how Bolton’s lawyer released a statement lamenting the “corrupted” prepublication review process that allowed his client’s claims to leak, the Fox host said, “If John Bolton’s lawyers are telling the truth here and they just submitted it in and it’s leaked out…[it’s] more evidence that people within the administration are actually against the administration.”

“And the other thing is, devastating timing because this thing was on the fast track to closing out without witnesses on Friday,” Kilmeade continued. “Only Mitt Romney pretty much saying I want to see witnesses. Everybody else saying ‘I have heard enough.’ This gives fuel to the Senator [Chuck] Schumers of the world, the Adam Schiffs of the world to say I need a witness and he wants to testify.”

Co-host Steve Doocy followed up by noting the interesting “coincidence” that Bolton’s claims came out just as Trump’s trial is about to resume.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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