Brian Kilmeade Calls on Trump to Quit Twitter, Killing It Like MySpace


Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade encouraged President Donald Trump to abandon Twitter in retaliation for the website flagging misinformation from him and other conservatives.

On Thursday’s Fox & Friends, Kilmeade and his colleagues were joined by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who was on to talk about how Twitter flagged a tweet of his that raised skepticism over the 2020 election results in Michigan. As the show complained about Twitter’s alleged censorship and bias against conservatives, Kilmeade made the conversation about how many times Trump has been called out for pushing false information.

“Why do you patronize a big tech company like this when they continue to show a lack of respect for you?” said Kilmeade. “And the president should start. The president takes his followers and goes somewhere else, that would be a tweetstorm.”

Walsh pointed out that it would be difficult to break through the monopoly Twitter and Facebook have over social media right now, to which, Kilmeade responded “MySpace was big too at one point.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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