Brian Kilmeade Defends Mark Zuckerberg Over Facebook Not Fact-Checking Deceptive Political Ads


Fox News host Brian Kilmeade defended Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday over the social network’s policy of not fact-checking political advertisements.

When Zuckerberg gave testimony before Congress on Wednesday, he was pressed on whether Facebook’s lack of political ad fact-checking will allow for the spread of lies and disinformation. When Fox & Friends discussed this, Kilmeade commented on it by saying “when you have advertising dollars, I don’t know if people notice, but when they say ‘the best ever,’ ‘your teeth are gonna be the whitest ever’ ‘these are the most comfortable shoes ever’ — that’s what advertising is.”

“We’re trying to persuade for a living,” Kilmeade continued. “What he is trying to say is I thought we were fundamentally for free speech as long as it’s not hate speech.”

Ed Henry jumped in by noting how Zuckerberg was grilled on whether Facebook would allow ads with “clearly proven” lies about people.

“What might be a nuance for me or definitely wrong to you, to Ainsley it might be like ‘no, no I think that’s right, from my point of view,'” Kilmeade replied. “So what he is trying to say is go advertise, you pay for the money, I will let you know if it’s dangerous to the public or not.”

As Kilmeade complained that Zuckerberg wasn’t allowed to fully answer his questions, Henry further objected to his argument by saying “you’re saying Facebook is a potted plant. They sit there and take your money for ads and you can just lie, lie, lie and they’re not going to fact check.”

“But is that his job to do that, to fact-check everything?” Ainsley Earhardt asked.

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