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Brian Kilmeade Is Not Happy With The British Press’ Slams On Romney: They ‘Better Back Off!’

Mitt Romney stepped on a plane and headed to England with the hopes of appearing presidential and, in that, he succeeded…only if you remember the fact that the British hated all of our first presidents thanks to that whole war thing. Yes, thanks to a few…uh…poor choices, Romney has now become a bigger villain to the British people than Voldemort, Blofeld, and the Daleks combined. The Daily Mail, a newspaper frequently described as akin to “England’s Fox News,” was so incensed that they wrote up Romney’s visit with the headline “Who Invited Him?” Back here at home, on “America’s Fox News” Fox News, Brian Kilmeade rushed to the defense of his countryman.

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During a Fox & Friends discussion of recent polls showing that Americans trusted Romney more on economics but, overall, found President Obama much more likable, Chris Wallace pointed to the British snafus as evidence of Romney’s likability problems. An indignant Kilmeade stepped in:

“It was like a candid response to a security question and the British press are going to town with it. I think the British press better back off and so should the officials! This guy could be president!”

Before Kilmeade could throw on a tri-corner hat, rush off to Boston, and begin chucking British tabloids into the Harbor, Wallace reminded him that, yeah, Romney kind of deserved it, likening his Olympic comments to someone you wouldn’t want to go clothes shopping with.

“If you ask me if that suit makes you look fat, I’m not going to tell you it does even if it does, Brian.”

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney just doesn’t have the foreign policy experience to know that the unique relationship we have with England requires us to never let on when we think her butt looks big.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

(h/t TPM via Wonkette)

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