Brian Kilmeade Rages Against Dem Rep. Calling to Abolish ICE: ‘How Many Illegals Have You Captured?’


Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade had a heated exchange on Wednesday with Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan over his bill to abolish the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE.

Pocan, a Wisconsin Democrat, introduced his bill after a trip to the southern border, along with a sharp statement condemning the agency, which he said “is tearing apart families and ripping the moral fabric of our nation.”

“This is an interesting little trend, why are you behind it?” Kilmeade asked on Fox.

“Well, unfortunately the president has created situation where ICE isn’t doing what it was created to do,” Pocan said. “It’s being used as his own personal police force and in those actions it’s actually making us less safe because the critical functions of ICE can no longer happen when the president’s got them going after people in churches and workplaces, it’s just been made a mess.”

“Why would someone from ICE go after someone in a workplace?” Kilmeade pressed.

Pocan explained that ICE was created with “20 different agencies” after 9/11, but “instead of going after terrorists, now we’re going after people who get traffic tickets.”

“So unfortunately the president has so damaged ICE that it can’t function the way it was intended to and we really need those functions to happen,” Pocan added.

As Pocan railed against “misinformation” about crime committed by undocumented immigrants, Kilmeade fired back: “Congressman, how many illegals have you captured?”

“You want to get rid of people who are putting their lives on the line, making an average of $61,000, and telling them — you told me in the break — their brand has been so damaged,” Kilmeade said. “You seem more concerned about illegals than the men and women who decide to go through the academy and qualify for ICE.”

“Okay, Brian, that was a great morning dose of rhetoric, you did a great job on that,” Pocan sniped, before explaining that ICE is supposed to go after people who pose a serious threat, not people at church for a traffic ticket.

“This is all your opinion!” Kilmeade exclaimed. “You have no stats! And you decide you have something you think you can run on, while you’re diminishing the credibility of people putting their lives on a daily basis, to go crack down on the illegals amongst us.”

“Why do you care more about illegals and their safety and welfare than Americans and their safety and welfare?” he asked.

Kilmeade added that Pocan “should look [ICE agents] in the face and tell them they should be fired.”

“Tell them they’re fired when you go see them, and see the response you get,” he added.

The lawmaker protested that the agents will be reassigned, but Kilmeade was having none of it.

“Bye congressman,” he said as Pocan tried to finish his sentence.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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