Brian Kilmeade Ridicules Democratic Candidates Ripping ObamaCare: ‘What Planet Are We On?!’

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade expressed surprise and confusion with how the Democratic presidential hopefuls seemed to all take turns blasting ObamaCare as a means to take down polling frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden served under President Barack Obama and notably called the signing of the Affordable Care Act a “big f*cking deal” during the bill signing (caught by a hot mic he apparently forgot about.) ObamaCare has been a political target by the Republicans, and President Donald Trump ran in 2016 on “repeal and replace” which his administration has thus far failed to accomplish.

After airing a montage of candidates attacking Biden, Kilmeade said: “They are ripping ObamaCare on the Democratic debate stage, seven years after it passed, with the vice president who’s fighting to keep it, who wants to keep it, who’s concerned about President Trump getting rid of it.”

He then finished with “So, they want Medicare for all, which is unaffordable and not possible, he’s defending ObamaCare, and being ripped by nine different people for doing it. What planet are we on?”

Watch above via Fox News.

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