Brian Kilmeade Snipes at Howard Schultz For Saying Fox & Friends Represents ‘Republican Viewers’


Things got tense for the hosts of Fox & Friends on Tuesday when former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz gave them an interview where he insinuated that the show takes a biased perspective to appease its audience.

Schultz was on to talk about his possible independent run for president and his disagreements with fellow Democrats pursuing the Oval Office. As he outlined his vision for the country and his distaste for America’s two-party political system, Schultz took his first swipe at Fox & Friends when he called his hosts “strong proponents of the president,” most likely a reference to how the show frequently carries President Donald Trump‘s water and puts on programming he approves of.

After Schultz fielded questions about illegal immigration and the inaction caused by political gridlock, the conversation moved on to economic topics like taxation on the wealthy and fiscal responsibility. After Schultz commented that “your Republican viewers” frequently harped about government spending during Barack Obama‘s presidency, he was repeatedly pressed by his hosts on how he would tackle the national debt.

“Under this president has been, we added a trillion dollars of debt,” Schultz argued. “We’re paying $500 billion of interest expense. This has been a Republican issue. Where are the Republicans? Help me understand that.”

When Brian Kilmeade countered him on several points about the deficit, Schultz continued with “you represent everyday Republican viewers, where are the Republicans?”

“We represent American viewers,” Kilmeade retorted.

Watch above to see how things continued from there, via Fox News.

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