Brian Kilmeade Wigs Out on GOP Rep. Brat Over ‘Embarrassment’ of Failed Immigration Vote: ‘What Are You Guys Doing?’


In the House on Wednesday, the Republican compromise immigration bill not unexpectedly went down in flames, though the defeat was still a disappointing charade to some. Among them, Fox and Friends‘s Brian Kilmeade, who in a brief interview with Republican Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) demanded to know what in the world the GOP is doing.

“One hundred twenty-one, as we switch to your workplace yesterday. 121 votes for the immigration bill. The Goodlatte bill. The so-called compromise bill. 301 against. What an embarrassment,” Kilmeade said with frustration. “Republicans couldn’t get half of Republicans to vote for a Republican bill. What are you guys doing?”

“Yeah, well, we went out of order. The Goodlatte bill is the stronger bill I voted for a week ago. That has all the components. Right? Everify, ends chain migration, et cetera,” Brat responded, slightly correcting Kilmeade on the name of the bill. “This one weakened all four of Trump’s ‘Four Pillars’, weakened the Goodlatte bill significantly.”

Brat pointed out that Republicans facing reelection obviously worried that the Trump base wouldn’t forgive them for the perception of amnesty.

“If you had 2 million amnesty in that bill yesterday, when people go back home to their districts I don’t think they wanted to have to explain that,” he understated.

“So that went down in flames, he added. Brat said they had to get serious and put a “real” bill forward and get Democrats “involved.’

Kilmeade concluded that the real purpose of the bill was to “pressure you guys to do something” but it didn’t work. “We’ll see what happens today,” said.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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