Brian Stelter Battles Eric Bolling Over Fox News’ Coverage of Trump: You Can Admit They’re ‘Much Cozier’

On Tuesday night, CNN media analyst Brian Stelter and CRTV host Eric Bolling had a robust debate about Fox News’ treatment of President Donald Trump.

Stelter began by noting that Trump’s sit-down with Trish Regan marks his 36th Fox News interview and that the reason why Fox News is his “favorite” is because he is only trying to communicate with “his base” instead of the entire country. He also expressed how there’s “a lot less news” that come from these interviews versus sit-downs like the one he had with 60 MinutesLeslie Stahl because he’s being “pressed” and “challenged” by other journalists.

“Look at how many headlines came out of 60 Minutes. We learned a lot about the president from that interview because he was being challenged,” Stelter told Don Lemon. “And by the way, I think he enjoys the challenge. I think he enjoys the adversarial interviews. He likes it. It makes him better so I wish he would more of them.”

The former Fox News host argued that Trump’s favoritism for certain folks in the media isn’t new, citing his “200 calls” to have an interview with President Barack Obama, which he never got, and added that the current president will go to anyone who he thinks will give him a “fair shake.”

But Stelter pressed Bolling that the relationship between Trump is Fox News is “much cozier” than previous presidents had with various media outlets.

“It’s okay to admit that,” Stelter told Bolling. “It’s actually unprecedented in our history to have the kind of merger between Fox and the president.”

Bolling then criticized the “left-leaning media” for focusing too much on Trump “the guy” and not his accomplishments like the economy and “getting respect on the global stage for the first time” in decades.

“Okay, we know that’s a bunch of bull. Those are talking points.” Stelter reacted. “People see through them, Eric! You don’t have to repeat that stuff.”

“Oh, stop it Brian!” Bolling responded. “Those are not talking points. It’s reality!”

“‘Respect on a global stage,’ You don’t have to read those lines anymore!” Stelter shot back. “You’re not at Fox anymore, Eric!”

Lemon pushed back, insisting that CNN has reported “on all of those things” and that his network can “walk and chew gum at the same time” in terms of covering the Trump presidency.”

In part two of the discussion, Stelter said what’s “unique” to Fox News is the “24/7 propaganda aspect” of the network, claiming that the “pro-Trump” hosts at Fox News “avoid” the bad news about him and “ignoring all the lies and scandals” and keep the focus on “evil Democrats instead.”

“That repetition is incredibly powerful and I don’t think that Obama or Bush or Clinton or anybody had that kind of constant re-enforcement,” Stelter continued. “I mean, it makes you wonder what would President Trump do if he didn’t have those defenders on Fox all the time.”

Watch the clips above, via CNN.

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