Brian Stelter Calls Out Trump for Tapping Into Far-Right Grievance Politics: He’s the ‘Infowars’ President

CNN’s Brian Stelter called out President Donald Trump for embracing far-right Internet personalities on Twitter over the weekend, dubbing him the “Infowars” president.

Ana Cabrera got the ball rolling by pointing out Stelter’s remark.

Stelter then explained more about what he meant.

“Because of what we’ve seen on Twitter this weekend, all weekend long, [Trump] retweeting far-right Internet personalities, in some cases figures who have been banned by Facebook in the past few days,” Stelter explained.  “You know, Facebook came out and announced it’s banning six individuals and one website, Infowars, because it says these are dangerous individuals that are abusing their Facebook accounts and breaking the rules.”

He added: “The president is campaigning against the Facebook ban, supporting these individuals, and retweeting figures who are known through Infowars.”

Then after calling Infowars a conspiracy site that is “something far right of Fox News” Stelter stressed that the “president is once again embracing that instead of rejecting it. I think once again because he is tapping into that sense of grievance or resentment politics that he always taps in to.”

In response, Cabrera noted that Trump seems so “angry” when he could be celebrating, given the good jobs report.

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