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CNN’s Stelter Mocks Hannity’s Ultimatum on Roy Moore

CNN’s Brian Stelter suggested that Sean Hannity backed away from his ultimatum to Roy Moore because the Fox host would rather not linger on a problematic topic for conservatives.

Stelter spoke to CNN International colleague John Vause, who noted that Moore’s open letter to Hannity did not provide any information that could completely vindicate him from the sexual abuse accusations against him. Stelter assessed that Hannity is “punting over to President Trump,” who has yet to make a direct statement about Moore’s controversy.

In terms of whether Trump is waiting for Fox New’s approach to the matter, Stelter said Hannity would rather do the “easy” thing and focus on Hillary Clinton instead of acknowledging an “embarrassing story” that could discomfort right-wing audiences.

“Hannity would much rather talk about the Clintons all day than talk about Moore,” Stelter said. “When in doubt, talk about the Clintons.”

Stelter and Vause brought up Hannity’s recent mass Clinton conspiracy chart, and the former noted how often conservative media outlets use the Clintons to distract from scandals pertaining to Trump. Stelter also wondered how many media figures will look back and feel embarrassed by how they covered the Moore allegations.

“These are stories that are tests, these kinds of situations are tests for media figures. And we’ve seen a lot of outstanding journalism about Moore, but we’ve also seen some excuses being made, some people trying to avoid the subject, and I wonder if Hannity will look back with some disappointment someday.”

Watch above, via CNN International.

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