Brian Stelter on Trump Playing Loose With Facts: ‘Are Alternative Facts the New Normal?’


During today’s broadcast of CNN’s Reliable Sources, senior media correspondent Brian Stelter stated at the top of the program that the show would be devoted to critically examining President Donald Trump’s relationship with the media as Trump approaches one full year in office.

“Are alternative facts the new normal?” Stelter wondered aloud. “Are partisan extremes here to stay? And what’s the significance of all the leaks to news outlets this year?”

In the opening monologue, Stelter highlighted some of the president’s most outrageous comments to the press, noting that the president got the ball rolling right away when he lashed out after the media pointed out his inauguration crowd was smaller than Barack Obama’s.

“That is how it began on Trump’s very first day waking up in the White House,” the CNN host explained. “He turned on the TV and he turned angry at what he saw.”

Stelter went on to state that Trump’s “really cynical sinister view of journalism” came through in the president’s comment throughout the year, showing instances of Trump tossing out factually inaccurate statements while claiming that the media wouldn’t tell the real truth.

“Some people have gotten numb to this, but these are really sinister claims from a world leader and totally unsupported by the real facts,” Stelter added.

The media correspondent concluded by stating that the more people know about newsrooms and journalism they’ll understand that the news being reported isn’t “fake.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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