Brian Stelter on Trump: ‘That Guy on Twitter is Not the President, That’s a Fox News Host’


President Trump today placed blame on the media for a series of live explosive devices sent by mail to several of his prominent critics, including one addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan that was delivered to CNN; a position reiterated by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders in a Fox News appearance.

On CNN, Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter appeared with hosts Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto, both of whom were evacuated during a live broadcast because of the bomb threat, to discuss the President’s and, by extension, the right’s reaction to the events.

“How long did it take,” asked Sciutto, “after the moment yesterday as we streamed out onto the streets here under police protection with a functioning explosive device in this building, did the conversation from the President and his supporters turn to ‘there goes the liberal media again’?”

“Yeah they’re playing the victim card, engaging in victimhood politics, saying that because people are talking about how Trump’s rhetoric is a problem, that somehow he’s being blamed for these bombs, and as a result, he’s the victim of this,” said Stelter. “Look, it’s nonsense. What I’m wondering is where’s the president?”

“Where is the president, today? Because that guy on Twitter, that’s a Fox News host,” he continued. “That guy railing against the media, that’s a Fox News host. That’s not the President. The President hasn’t shown leadership in the last few hours. He did say some nice things yesterday, but then he turned around and went against the media again.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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