Brian Stelter: ‘The Story of the Trump Presidency Every Month is his Dishonesty’


As host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter has become something of the “point of the spear” in CNN’s tactical defense against President Donald Trump‘s consistent and undermining “Fake News” attacks aimed at the news outlets that cover him. This was on full display this morning, as Stelter did not demur in a harsh — but reasonable — assessment of a Trump administration that can be generously described as in transition, or as Stelter has previously called it, a “White House in chaos.”

In a segment reviewing recent White House staff changes, New Day host Chris Cuomo had CNN’s former lead political editor Frank Sesno and Stelter on to discuss the current state of affairs and “palace intrigue” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in light of the recent departures of Reince Priebus and Anthony Scaramucci.

Stelter opened by establishing the challenges facing what he called “a chaos presidency,” before saying that “the world is a dangerous place with a lot of things that need to be addressed with discipline and precision.” This, in context to the many challenges facing recently appointed White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly and the complex world we now live in.

But the conversation inevitably turned to President Trump’s favorite mode of communication, his Twitter account, noting that thus far in the day there has been zero presidential Tweets. Stelter opined “If he tweets, he’ll tweet something dishonest, adding “Yesterday (it was)  “No chaos here, great day at the White House.” Stelter then went for the kill, saying  “The story of the trump presidency every month is his dishonesty. That might be the message overall that’s been received.”

President Trump has a well-established habit of tweeting out statements that are, at best, half truths , or more accurately called complete obfuscations. The apparent hypocrisy between the standard by which Trump (and his base) hold the media to account, and what Stelter — and many others — see as dishonesty put forth by Trump might very well be the core problem that generates the symptoms of chaos we see on a daily basis.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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