comScore Brian Stelter: Trump Has Proven Over and Over He ‘Simply Cannot Be Trusted’

Brian Stelter: Trump Has Proven Over and Over He ‘Simply Cannot Be Trusted’

CNN’s Brian Stelter opened today by saying we truly won’t know what was said in the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin because neither leader can be trusted.

“We’ll never really know what is said,” Stelter said, “because, really, can we trust either man? No, we can’t.”

In the past, he argued, what the president said meant a lot, but “not anymore”:

“What President Trump says is so frequently false or nonsensical that his words don’t have the same meaning, the same power, the same impact as past presidents. It’s a shame, but it’s true. Trump simply cannot be trusted. He has proven this himself, it’s his own lies and his own contradictions that have proven it.”

Which begs the question: “How do you cover a person who twists truth like it’s a game?”

“Obviously all presidents spin,” Stelter said, “but Trump’s deceptions are different both in volume and in degree. That’s what’s different now. And that’s one of the reasons why covering this European trip is so challenging. Typically, usually the truth comes out. But it might not this time. Not when Trump and Putin meet privately.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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