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Brian Williams And Jimmy Fallon “Slow Jam The News” Over The Tax Cut Deal

Honestly, are we 100 percent sure NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams wouldn’t be better utilized as a floating comedian, doing bits on SNL, 30 Rock and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? Wait. He’s already doing that and the news.

Case in point, Tuesday on Late Night, where Fallon interrupted a bit about the tax cut deal, saying the story really needs to be “slow jammed.”

“I want to slow jam this news, and I’m not the only one,” said Fallon. Cue BriWi: “I, too, would like to slow jam the news.”

Are Republicans truly making a “walk of shame” to the Capitol, wondering if they “gave it up too fast” in negotiations with President Obama?

And of course, no political slow jam would be complete without mentioning the return of Bill Clinton to the White House Briefing Room, or, as Fallon put it, “only makes sense to bring in the biggest swinger of them all…the Barry White of politics…”

Watch and learn, from NBC:

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