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Brian Williams And Jimmy Fallon ‘Slow Jam The News’

On Monday’s Late Night, Jimmy Fallon and his unexpected musical guest, Brian Williams, slow jammed the news of President Obama’s recent decision to take up with the Super PACs. President Obama reasoned that his campaign must accept large monetary donations if he wanted to compete with the Super PAC’d GOP. But enough about the “news”…it’s time for the “slow jam.”

Williams presented the news of the Obama’s decision, to which Jimmy softly added, “Sounds like the President goes both ways on this issue. I ain’t mad, nothing like a campaign getting an insertion of backdoor cash. But be careful, when corporations pay for favors, they expect you to put out — policies that they like. Nasty.”

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Obama had adamantly opposed the Political Action Committees because it’s been suggested that these Super PACs undermine the fundamentals of democracy.

Jimmy soothed the audience with lines like, “Take it from my man Brilliams. Obama’s relationship with Super PACs is finally consensual. Corporate sugar daddies now have permission to get all ‘permissionary’, and leave a few million dollars on the night stand, you dig?” Williams, getting into the suddenly-upbeat news presentation, even let out a wail, backing up Jimmy.

Watch the performance below from NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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