Brian Williams Asks Mitt Romney About His Mormon Faith: ‘Are You A Hidden Man?’

NBC’s Brian Williams sat down with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, conducting a wide-ranging interview that touched upon gun control, his tax returns, and Romney’s Mormon faith.

Romney explained that his previous legislation regarding limits on assault weapons had been a compromise, reiterating that, as he sees it, more laws won’t solve the issue of gun violence. He also echoed his previous statements regarding American voters’ general disinterest when it comes to his tax returns, prompting Williams to say that people are curious about things “expensive horses” he may have purchased.

When Williams brought up the argument that Romney “cannot” discuss his past and family history because of its roots in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and is, as such, a “hidden man,” Romney began speaking about his dad’s experience and struggles, adding that he’s very proud of his heritage and of his religion.

“I know how much you love quoting unnamed Romney advisers,” Williams joked, quoting a source close to the campaign who said Romney is looking for a “boring white guy” as his VP running mate. Romney laughed in response, (“You weren’t available,” he told Williams in a genuinely funny moment) adding that a decision has yet to be made.

Have a look, via NBC:

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