Brian Williams’ Feelings Wounded by Child Crying at the Mere Sight of Him

Brian Williams is a pretty cool guy for a nightly newsman, but not everyone is so easily taken in by the NBC anchor’s gravitas, like this 10-month-old child who burst into tears every time Williams was on-screen. Well, on Monday night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers just had to get Williams to weigh in on his tiny, tiny hater.

Meyers wrapped the segment with Williams by playing the clip, and Williams responded by saying it’s clear the father is goading the child. Or perhaps it could easily be one of his nightly news competitors, turning the tide of young viewers against him, one by one…

Williams couldn’t pretend this devastating video didn’t hurt his feelings just a tad, but he consoled himself on the fact that there is a golden retriever somewhere in these United States that practically worships the sound of his voice.

You can watch the video below, via NBC:

And you can watch the infant crying here:

[h/t TVNewser]

[photo via screengrab]

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