Brian Williams Reports By Flashlight Amid Cracks Of Automatic Gunfire

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams took to an exposed Cairo location–but stayed in shadows, reporting with just a small flashlight–to capture the scene in Cairo as tanks rolled into the city early Thursday and the sound of automatic gunfire repeatedly interrupted the live report. “That’s just live gunfire. Coming from right here, coming from right below our position.”

Williams, who leads an NBC crew including Richard Engel, said after Wednesday’s violence “none of us would have predicted today….no one should be in the business of predicting what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Williams vividly captured the tense nature of reporting from Cairo, as both small caliber and far larger, 50 caliber rounds fired in the background:

What’s remarkable is we’ve had automatic weapons fire, probably consistently for last 15 minutes. I’ve seen rounds chip away at the bottom of an overpass, live rounds. A tank has just moved into position, conceivably to fire over the heads of the crowd and they’re still at it. Two sides from 5,000 years of human history. The repository of much of the cradle of civilization, the museum of Egypt.

Watch Williams’ report here, from NBC News:

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