Brian Williams: Source Told Me Trump May Not Know US Troops Stationed in Qatar


While much of the oxygen in the news cycle has been sucked up lately by the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey and the Russia probe, there have also been some other major stories that have pushed their way through. One of them surrounds the sudden turmoil in the Middle East involving Qatar and how President Donald Trump may have made things worse with some tweets of his. Tweets that stunned at least one GOP senator silent.

After NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell recapped an off-camera White House gaggle where the situation with Qatar was discussed, hosts Brian Williams brought up how a source told him and fellow host Nicolle Wallace some juicy gossip about Trump’s knowledge of the country.

“I would love to know what the president’s dealings with the situation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia was today because he almost set the region on fire on Twitter,” Williams noted. “A person familiar with his thinking told us both yesterday they’re not sure the president knew there were Americans stationed in Qatar.”

Wallace pointed out that she doesn’t know if Trump is the cause of the regional crisis — he seemingly took credit for it on Twitter — while pointing out that the president’s national security team should be briefing him on these kinds of issues and topics.

Following news that several Middle East countries were cutting ties with Qatar over concerns the country was sponsoring terrorism, Trump approvingly tweeted out about the move, despite Qatar being a US ally where troops are stationed. Meanwhile, US intelligence agencies suspect Russia planted fake news to help create distrust in the region.

As for Williams, he’s never been known to exaggerate or make up anything, right?

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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