Brian Williams Spotted for First Time Since Suspension, Bearing Puppy of Forgiveness

It’s a trick pioneered by Richard Nixon and used to great effect ever since then: if you’re trying to win over the public, especially after becoming the subject of a scandal threatening your career, get a puppy.

We are not surprised, then, that embattled (and currently suspended) NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams made his first public appearance in months while carrying this bundle of cuteness, a golden retriever puppy named Moxie, in his arms:

The Daily Mail reports that Williams was out yesterday celebrating his daughter Allison‘s birthday, along with his wife Jane. Williams, whose anchor chair has been filled by Lester Holt, was last spotted at a fundraiser for his high school in New Jersey, but has kept mum since February.

Ugh, what a cute little puppy! We’re so overwhelmed by its little paws and big eyes that we have now completely forgotten that Williams was ignobly suspended without pay for a history of embellishing stories, discovered when he egregiously claimed that he was on a helicopter shot down by an RPG in Iraq, oh yes we are. Puppy!

Watch the video of BriWi with his adorable distraction over at the Daily Mail.

[Featured image via screenshot/NBC]

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