Bristol Palin Describes Drunken Brawl to Police in New Audio: ‘Get the F*ck Out of Here!’

Minutes before the final Florida gubernatorial debate was set to air Tuesday evening, Wolf Blitzer broke into CNN’s live coverage to play newly-released audio of Bristol Palin recounting the alleged drunken brawl that took place between members of the Palin family and others at an Alaska snowmobile party last month.

CNN bleeped the numerous curse words in Palin’s statement to police, but according to the transcript posted to the website, here is what the uncensored version appears to be:

“Some lady with gray hair, who wants to push my 20-year-old sister — I’m going to defend my sister, she’s 20 years old. A guy comes out of nowhere and pushes me on the ground, takes me by my feet in my dress — in my thong dress in front of everybody — [and says] ‘Come on you cunt, get the fuck out of here. Come on you slut, get the fuck out of here. I don’t know this guy, I’ve never seen this guy in my life.”

No charges were filed following the incident and the Palin family has not publicly commented about it directly. However, in a Facebook message a week later, Sarah Palin did defend her “strong” daughter, saying, “my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar!”

Watch video below, via CNN:

And listen to the full audio below, via TMZ:

[Photo via screengrab]

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