Bristol Palin Talks Tea Party DWTS Conspiracy Theories With Greta Van Susteren

Abstinent mother and dancing sensation Bristol Palin caused the greatest controversy of her life by advancing to the Dancing with the Stars final last week, spawning a thousand Tea Party conspiracies and causing at least one man to shoot his television set. To discuss the controversy and her role (or lack thereof) in it, the younger Palin and dance partner Mark Ballas talked competition and fame with Greta Van Susteren Friday night.

Bristol was particularly tight-lipped in this interview for On the Record, only emphasizing the amount of work that goes into the tournament, how “rewarding” the experience has been, and how much respect she has for professional dancers now– a career she has no interest in following. Questioned on the controversy surrounding her advance to the finals, Ballas (a seven-time DWTS veteran) defended her, noting that “we have this kind of controversy every season” and that it “comes with the territory.” On Bristol’s end, she told Van Susteren that “I don’t pay much attention to whatever’s being thrown around out there” and is focused on winning. As for the future beyond the tournament, “I know that God has a lot in store of Tripp and I,” she said, though she had no idea what that future would bring.

The interview from Friday’s On the Record via Fox News below:

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