Brit Hume Defends Stephen Miller’s Immigration Views: They ‘May be Racial’ But ‘Not Racist’


Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume defended White House advisor Stephen Miller‘s hardline anti-immigration views, saying they “may be racial” but are “not racist” in a response to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) calling Miller a “white nationalist” yesterday.

“No doubt in my mind Stephen Miller is a nationalist,” Hume said on The Story with Martha MacCallum tonight. “Calling him a white nationalist is just another way of saying is he a racist.”

After the pundit labeled himself “more of a liberal on immigration” than conservatives he knows, Hume insisted people that have views like Miller’s aren’t racist.

“I don’t think worrying about the levels of immigration and who may be coming in is racist,” he continued. “It may be racial in the sense that you are more worried about some groups than others, but it’s not racist. That term… is flung about with abandon today — it’s an absolutely terrible thing to say about somebody.”

Hume also suggested Omar’s attack was part of the political trend of trying to “successfully tag your opponent as racist” to cause “great damage” to their reputation.

“That is the temptation that politicians like Ilhan Omar face and that is if you can stick that label on somebody and make it stay, then you can do great damage,” he added. “And the temptation to do so ruthlessly is too great for too many people. Too great it seems for her and too many others.”

Yesterday, Omar penned a tweet calling Miller a white nationalist and calling his power in White House “an outrage.”

Miller — who has appeared on the conspiracy network Infowars and knew notable white supremacist Richard Spencer when the two were at Duke University together (Miller has since disavowed Spencer’s views) — is reportedly behind the recent effort to shake up the Department of Homeland Security and take it into a “tougher” direction on immigration.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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