Brit Hume: Obama’s Jobs Bill And Deficit Bill Are ‘Legislative Losers’

Fox News’ Brit Hume offered an editorial yesterday afternoon about President Barack Obama’s defecit plan, which Hume feels that the President himself knows “cannot possibly pass:”

For the second time in a week, President Obama has presented a plan that cannot possibly pass, and that he almost certainly does not expect to pass. Last week’s jobs bill was simply another stimulus of the kind that he and his party ran through two years ago and which has manifestly failed to do what the White House said it would do. One thing it did do is to help balloon the federal deficit to levels so high they became a major issue in the mid-term elections, won overwhelmingly by the Republicans. Does Mr. Obama really think House Republicans who voted unanimously against the first stimulus will now vote in favor of a second one?

He continued, saying that the jobs bill and the deficit bill are “legislative losers” that Obama believes he can use against the Republicans.

Have a look, courtesy of Fox News:

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