Brit Hume Says President Biden Would Benefit From GOP Senate: He’d Be ‘Powerless to Resist’ Liberal Pressure from Dem Majority


Fox News analyst Brit Hume said on election night that if Joe Biden wins, he could benefit from Republicans controlling the Senate.

The panel was discussing Florida just being called for President Donald Trump by the Fox News Decision Desk and what it means for the race going forward.

Both Trump and Biden have paths to victory as of this posting, but Hume remarked on some notable results for the president in the state before moving on to the Senate.

“Either way this goes the presidential race, the Senate will be critical,” he said.

“In fact, if Joe Biden wins, in my opinion… it will be a benefit to him if the Democrats don’t get the Senate,” he argued. “And the reason I say that is because Biden will be under tremendous pressure from his party’s left wing to act out the agenda that he agreed to with Bernie Sanders. Biden by temperament and instinct I think won’t particularly want to do that, but he’s not the strongest guy that ever lived and… if his party has control of everything, I think he’ll be powerless to resist that.”

But if the Republicans hold the Senate, Hume said that could leave Biden “in a better position going forward.”

On the other hand, Hume said, if Trump wins and the Democrats take the Senate (they’re already projected to hold onto the House), there’s going to be significant gridlock.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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