Brit Hume To Fox Panel: ‘The Republican Brand Name Is In Terrible Shape’

On Fox News Sunday today, Chris Wallace pointed out how the politics of the Fast & Furious investigation may taint both political parties. On the one hand, a scandal such as this looks bad for Obama after promising transparency, but it could also hurt Republicans because the investigation could be viewed as “overreach.” Brit Hume decided it was worse for Republicans, declaring that their “brand name is in terrible shape.”

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Hume explained why it’s hard now for the Republicans to get people’s trust.

“The Republican brand name is in terrible shape, and people are not naturally sympathetic to the Republicans in Congress. They’re normally not sympathetic to the Congress as an institution, but certainly not to the Republicans. So any time Republicans do anything big or bold, they run the risk of people not liking it just because it’s them doing it.”

Hume said that the political fighting last year over the debt ceiling made Congressional Republicans look “terrible,” even among their supporters. Kirsten Powers added that the Romney campaign is certainly never happy when the focus is on anything but the economy, while Nicolle Wallace said that the Obama administration was glad for the distraction from the most recent jobs numbers.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox:

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