Brit Hume To Fox Panel On Romney: ‘This Is A Campaign That Is Running Out Of Time’

Fox's Brit Hume On Romney: 'This Is A Campaign That Is Running Out Of Time'

In a discussion about the political impact from Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comments, the panelists on Fox News Sunday agreed that the GOP presidential nominee lost a critical week dealing with the fallout from those comments. Brit Hume said that, while Romney can recover from this misstep, he lost a critical week defending his months-old comments. “This is a campaign that is running out of time,” said Hume.

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Chris Wallace asked editor of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, if he regretted calling Romney’s remarks about the 47 percent “stupid” and “arrogant.”

“It might have been a tad harsh, I suppose,” said Kristol. “I think the Romney campaign thought it was a little bit over the top.” He explained, however, that he thought the remarks played into the argument by their opponents that Republicans favor the wealthy.

“It was a blow,” said Kristol of Romney’s dismissal of those who do not make enough to be subject to or are exempt from paying income tax. “I’d hate for conservatives to be redefine in that way.”

Hume agreed with Kristol. He said Romney’s remark may not have been fatal, but “it wasn’t good.” He said that the Romney camp has lost precious time defending his 47 percent remarks and has been unable to advance other arguments.

“This is a campaign that is running out of time,” said Hume. “He can’t afford to lose days on end dealing with things that he doesn’t want to talk about.”

Associated Press reporter Kasie Hunt said that the Romney campaign hopes that the first debate on October 3 provides Romney an opportunity to move past these comments.

Wallace asked Juan Williams if he believed the first debate could be a game changer and, if so, what does Romney need to do to change the narrative. Williams agreed that it could be a game changer, but it is rare that a presidential debate does move the needle in one direction or another.

“The polls are presenting a problem here,” said Williams. He said that polling data shows that more voters see the economy moving in the right direction and that kneecaps Romney’s narrative that four more years of President Barack Obama’s leadership would be a problem.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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