Brit Hume: Trump Must Be ‘Very Careful’ After Vegas Shooting; He Sometimes Says Things ‘Off Base’

Brit Hume is widely considered a top conservative thought leader, especially among Fox News’ illustrious ranks of right-of-center pundits, and was asked this morning how President Donald Trump should react to the horrific tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas last night that led to at least 50 dead and over 400 injured individuals.

Hume first made clear that one can not overplay how big a story this is, and that, given the sheer numbers of seriously injured, the body count will likely rise “substantially.” But when asked how Trump should play this, Hume hit a sober note by ostensibly imploring the president to be accurate in sharing details about this event.

“The president needs to be very careful that whatever information he circulates or puts into play is correct,” Hume noted before then clarifying that “the president sometimes has a habit of speaking from — about things in a way that later proves to be off base, not because he intended to be but like anybody, he gets things wrong sometimes.”

Hume then summed up by adding “This is a time for being careful and measured and accurate and comforting to the extent that it’s possible to be comforting about something so horrible.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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